03.-06.10.2023, Oulu, Finland

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash


Session: Indigenous knowledge, Language, and Positionality in Indigenous Research

Organizer & Moderator: Ellen Marie Jensen
Charleen Fisher | University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sigga-Marja Magga | Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu

More information on this session will be available soon.

In-person only/hybrid (TBD)


Session by and for students and early career researchers

Organizers & Moderators:
Teija Kaartokallio | Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu
Eleonora Alariesto | University of Lapland
Clément Masse | University of Oulu
Mark Zdor

More information will be available soon.

In-person only


Workshop: Towards a reflexive research praxis: Unsettling power dynamics and knowledge regimes in Arctic research  

Organizer: Naja Dyrendom Graugaard | Aalborg University

In this workshop, we will examine aspects of coloniality and decoloniality in Arctic research, and begin to unpack how (privileged) researcher positionality, power dynamics, and knowledge regimes affect existing research relationships. By bringing in our own experiences, we will critically reflect on how we – as Indigenous or non-Indigenous researchers, participants affected by research etc. – shape interactions and research encounters. We will explore how reflexivity on our own practices may provide new reflections on ways to unsettle colonial research relations and transform praxis. In this work, those of our engagements, where we sense meaningful communication and equitable relations have failed, also become a site of learning.

*This workshop will be mostly practice-based, with some introduction to concepts and work of the facilitator. 

This session will have limited capacity for participation

In-person only


The International Decade of Indigenous Languages in Russia: Research in and with Indigenous Communities

Organizer: Stephan Dudeck | RIFS

Including Film screening: Land of Love (2016) by Liivo Niiglas

The workshop panel on “The International Decade of Indigenous Languages in Russia: Research in and with Indigenous Communities” focuses on the central role of Indigenous languages and forms of communication in shaping the lives and work in these communities. Recognizing the urgent need for conversations across borders, this panel will explore the challenges and opportunities of addressing the fragmented legacies of collaboration. Through this panel, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, insights, and challenges in working in and with Indigenous communities in Russia. By collectively examining the implications of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, the panel aims to foster a greater understanding of the critical importance of language and communication to Indigenous peoples and their ongoing efforts for self-determination, cultural revitalization, and justice.

In-person only/hybrid (TBD)


Session: Fourth International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV) and Indigenous Self- Determination in Research

Organizers: Aslak Holmberg (Sámiráddi), Evie Morin (RIFS), Arne Riedel (Ecologic Institute) and the DÁVGI project team

This session will present and discuss a contribution to the 4th International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV) process, co-led by non-Indigenous and Indigenous rights holders and researchers. This contribution aims to support co-creative decolonial ethics and methods in Arctic research for the time period 2022-2026. Participants of this session will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback to this draft contribution. 

In-person only


Session on Project Evaluation

Organizer: Shelly Elverum (Ikaarvik)

As Northerners, we all know how important mittens are for our survival. Inuit youth with Ikaarvik in Canada’s Nunavut Territory have also realized that the Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit knowledge and societal values) of creating warm, functional mittens closely parallels the steps of research and are creating a model for better, more relevant community engagement and empowerment and building relationships with outside researchers that will allow both groups to co-create meaningful and relevant research.

Bring a sewing / knitting / beading project and a pair of your favourite mittens to this warm and welcoming workshop where we can see how the mitten is a wonderful reflection of how Indigenous knowledge can improve Arctic research!

In-person only


Meditation on constructing communication and (non-existing) language

Organizer: Syanda Yaptik

Syanda creates art meditations based on her years of work in the arts, as well as incorporating elements of other performance artists’ practices. The meditation for this workshop will focus on sound and the creation of a non-existent language. We will try to imagine what communication might be like in a situation where there is no common language.

In-person only


Room of Exchange – Throughout the entire Week of Exchange

Organizer: The WEMA organizing group

Participants attending our Week of Exchange are invited to ‘bring all their senses’ to a ‘room of exchange’ that will be open throughout the week to engage and communicate in various ways. This may include images, photos, drawings, texts / music and sounds (live, flash drives, online) / dance and movement / objects to smell, taste, feel, look at / projects-in-progress or new handicraft projects (e.g. sewing, knitting, writing, painting, etc.) to work on and share during and in-between sessions or in our room or exchange.

The Room of Exchange will be open to all throughout the Week of Exchange

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

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