2021 Workshop

On November 25-26, 2021, researchers from all disciplines, Indigenous rights holders, policy makers, activists, and others with an interest in Arctic research and research ethics came together during a virtual, 2-day workshop to improve research relationships and address the ‘how to’ of co-creative research.

At the workshop, a range of sessions were offered. A session on Indigenous Voices on Research placed a focus on Indigenous concepts, understandings of and experiences with meaningful research relationships whereas the session Listen & respond allowed in-depth reflection and aimed to provide a safe space for respectful conversations and mutual understanding.  Other sessions addressed specific issues, such as the Publishing of co-creative research or highlighted the importance of Storytelling and the Art of Listening. A sessions on Natural sciences and co-creative research brought together non-Indigenous natural scientists and Indigenous researchers and community representatives. 

The programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.

A comprehensive report of the workshop will soon be available on this page.